Income Atribution & Personalised Content (Round 5)

Spain Project type: large El Independiente, Park Row Digital, S.L.


If each user consumes information and advertising in a different manner, why should they all have to pay for content in the same way? El Independiente wants to face this challenge by developing an attribution tool that determines income generated by each user and allows for a flexible business model. In this way each user will pay for, and enjoy what is of most value to them. Personalization allows for unique experiences and adapts to user behavior and habits. One size does not fit all, and this is one of the challenges behind all newspaper subscription.

The solution

The move towards digital journalism has created an unsustainable business model based on free content that is generating ever decreasing advertising revenue. As a result, media must consider closing content and charging for its consumption. Unfortunately, it is challenging to charge for what once was free, and value must be clearly perceived. El Independiente wants to face this challenge by generating a CMS that personalizes each user experience around what they value the most and then design a business model around it.