Innovative"Dynamic Paygate" - delivering personalised messages (Round 4)

Switzerland Project type: large Neue Zuercher Zeitung


This project uses a scalable algorithm with machine learning capabilities to handle a variety of different attributes in near-infinite combinations to build personalised cross-channel user journeys for a single customer.

The solution

Many media companies are already experimenting with rule-based ‘Dynamic Paygates’ that show different conversion messages or offers to users. However, these paygates are not scalable because the more users a publisher wants to address personally, the more marketing personnel are needed to build all the rules behind those customer journeys. The project tackles this problem by combining algorithms with the Dynamic Paygate, making the system more efficient. It's then able to test virtually limitless combinations of message, offer and visualisation to convert a potential buyer. By addressing every user individually, NZZ will be able to accompany a user less intrusively on their journey, lowering the barriers to conversion.