Interactive Documentary Composer (Round 5)

Poland Project type: prototype Piotr Fedorczyk


Interactive Documentary Composer is creating a set of tools to streamline the creation of web-based interactive documentaries that will be rich in differing types of media, such as interactive video, word-level aligned interactive transcripts and silent video with captions. The project aims to give storytellers an easy-to-use composer so they can focus on the content and worry less about design and development aspects required when creating tools for visual storytelling. 

The solution

The Interactive Documentary Composer wants to establish interactive documentary as a new content type and create a custom-build management system for such documentaries. By launching a set of tools to create idocs the project will help storytellers overcome the tech and design limitations they face when working on stories that are rich in differing type of media. The coe will be open source and the tool will be free to use for anyone wanting to create their own idocs to greater improve the impact and amount of quality stories told in the form of interactive documentaries.