Journalist Digital Assistant (Round 3)

Italy Project type: large ITEDI/Il Secolo XIX


Il Secolo XIX, with the support of Accenture, aims at contributing on the future sustainability of the news business by innovating content creation process through the application of Artificial Intelligence: the initiative is not purely a broad modernization of existing activities but a real digital transformation of journalist activities.

The key innovative aspect at the core of this solution for news environment is the promptness feature of AI tool: in this case the AI tool, that will continuously learn through a Machin Learning engine, will be able to suggest autonomously and proactively content/information/sources working as a complement of the editorial process managed by journalist. 

The solution

The main challenge of the initiative is to provide to journalists a complementary simple and intuitive tool based on Artificial Intelligence technology that will increase their productivity, improve the quality and reliability of contents they produce and enable the capability to create reliable and enriched digital content. An increased quality journalism production (struggling also the fakery news phenomenon) we believe is the key differentiator factor to strengthen the newspaper reputation, to increase the user's loyalty and then monetize the digital traffic.