Live Coverage & Community Engagement Project (Round 5)

Poland Project type: medium Grupa Media Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


In the era of social media popularity and the mobile revolution, Internet users expect a dynamic multimedia information stream to be able to keep track of important events on a regular basis. Live coverage is a format characteristic of digital journalism, which is able to combine editorial content with that from the users and can be successfully used on a dynamic website to report on key political, sports, or cultural events. Providing a platform for live coverage delivered by event participants will boost involvement of social journalists and development of this trend in our country.

The solution

Often local live events lack live coverage in the media. These events are ether to small or not advertised enough to get the attention of a national media. At the same time many journalists attempt to cover these events using their social media accounts or blogs for that purpose. These on the other hand lack the reach and power of a national portal. Our platform will enable local journalist to instantly access an audience of up to 20 million users while at the same time providing our viewers with interesting local content.