United Kingdom Project type: medium Johnston Press


Lopop is a mobile platform that delivers location-specific, trending content. It combines the authority and reach of established news publishers, geo-specific sites, and community blogs. Crucially, it is powered by social media yet editorially-curated; delivering an immediate, engaging, and hyper-local ‘canvas.’ The app detects user location, or lets users choose a destination or favourite place. Lopop then consolidates the most popular content, creating a custom ‘canvas’ that allows the user to immerse in the most current and trending information and insights. Users can then save a series of preference-driven 'canvases' to their profile, and toggle through each location. ‘We're delighted to have the support of Google DNI to help us bring to life this exciting concept. Our aim is to combine the reach of the social graph and the communities who power it, with the authority of established news providers. Ultimately we want to fuse the two to make a unique mobile experience for users searching for hyper local information they can trust.’ — Steven Thomas, Director of Emerging Products, Johnston Press Plc.

The solution

A location-responsive social news app and platform that delivers location-specific and trending content.