The Master Graph - combining realtime data from audience, content and advertising (Round 6)

Germany Project type: large Ippen Digital GmbH & Co. KG


With the unified knowledge graph, we have the ability to design and build a very flexible and agile data platform, collecting, streaming, and managing enterprise-wide-data ready for analysis. The knowledge graph consists of integrated collections of data and information that contains links between different data and the most important thing, relationships behind it. The graph enables a cross department collaboration within a media company and lets one identify the user, editorial and business requirements when developing valuable products. A true conversation with data - quickly and easily pivoting to take the analysis in new directions, without specialized query knowledge, one can traverse even the most complicated multi-dimensional data.

The solution

So far, data models in a data warehouse or in a data lake tend to proliferate into data swamps. Only by understanding the relationships of interconnect data can a true understanding of cause and effect emerge. But joining each individual data source and system under the strain of availability, quality and integration often requires a lot of resources and proves costly. Unifying and linking data in a graph helps us to overcome the limitations mentioned above. A unified methodology for querying deeper insight into the data allows organizations to easily establish data-driven processes.