(Round 6)

Denmark Project type: large International Media Support (IMS)


The world is full of stories that remain untold or only reach a limited local audience, even though they have the potential to draw international attention. With, IMS, Danwatch, and IndieFrame join forces to close the gap between media working in hard-to-reach areas and their European counterparts, while economically benefiting all parties involved. will be a platform where certified local media organisations can post a pitch, a snippet of their exclusive story, or a description of their unique documentation. European media can browse through the verified content and safely contact validated partners to co-finance investigations and purchase documentation.

The solution

In a competitive and economically challenged European news industry, the value of publishing exclusive, high-quality content is immense. Nonetheless, stories from hard-to-reach areas that could inform the international agenda are often overlooked and dismissed because of the costs of investigations or lack of trust in local journalists. IMS, Danwatch, and IndieFrame will create an accessible and safe online collaborative space where content can be developed, co-financed, and shared. will enable an innovative news ecosystem that satisfies the demand for agendas-setting stories from European media with a supply from their non-European counterparts.