MediaPay (Round 3)

Austria Project type: large Austrian Press Agency (APA)


MediaPay is a payment ecosystem that unites a powerful, flexible paywall solution with extensive data analyses and a cross-media identity management. 

By providing the technical structures for all publishing houses MediaPay will lay the foundations for publishers to create the product best-suited for their readers and increase the readiness to spend money for digital content. Thus MediaPay will contribute to the development of paid-content models in Austria.

The solution

In Austria the willingness to pay for digital content is low and, due to the small size of the domestic market, setting up suitable technical infrastructures fails due to refinancing issues. MediaPay seeks to provide a user-focused approach by making access to paid content as easy as possible. Single-sign-on opens the door to a full range of high-quality journalistic content on each of the participating publishers’ websites. From the data collected collaboratively, the project consortium will be able to learn which content (images, charts, animation, visuals, …) is suitable and what this means for the development of successful digital/data strategies.