Memberify (Round 5)

Germany Project type: medium G+J Digital Products GmbH


Memberify will allow publishers with larger brand portfolios to test new membership models efficiently and at scale. For these purposes, the multi-tenant platform will provide a variety of membership components, ranging from paid benefits, products, services to content. Brands can build new Minimum Viable Products from combinations of these components, allowing them to assess their individual user base’s willingness to pay realistically and find the best feature combination for their membership models.

The solution

There is no one-fits-all approach for membership models since every editorial brand comes with different audiences. Finding the ideal solution for the needs of each brand’s audience is particularly difficult for publishers with a range of smaller and medium-sized brands – costs remain high, yet funds per brand are limited. Memberify aims at reducing the resources to test membership models. Key to its approach is the provision of several membership modules on one central platform. Brands can combine these modules according to their needs and thereby create membership MVPs, efficiently gaining insights into what their ideal paid models should look like.