memeCheck (Round 5)

Spain Project type: prototype Precept


memeCheck is a fact-checking application based on user input, optical character recognition and machine learning, which help users assessing the veracity of a meme. It is made up of two main elements: a quick-to-use app for enquiring and a machine learning component that matches the meme’s contents with possible fact-checks, suggesting potential validations and contextual information 

The solution

Mainstream media has lagged behind regarding the latest trends in internet culture such as memes. As a consequence, a substantial element for addressing the spread of misinformation has been forsaken. Given their communicative power and viral nature, memes play a crucial role in amplifying the information disorder. Our platform tackles the problem by making it easier to extract data from a meme, thanks to Optical Character Recognition. It automates the process of looking for existing fact-checking or contextual information thanks to artificial intelligence, validated by user feedback