Minority Report (Round 6)

France Project type: medium TĂȘtu Ventures


A plugin using open curation and translation APIs, Minority Report allows publishers to: Open news conversations relevant to their audience on social platforms and on their own MR channel.

Minority Report will: curate first-hand accounts and UGC from marginalised voices, collaborate with influencers to reach diverse groups of the community and create a timeline which makes issues navigable by time.

The solution

In terms of LGBTQI+ representation, mainstream news coverage is still limited and repeats homophobic tropes. Other minorities, such as women of colour - and particularly trans women of colour - are practically invisible in news media. Minority Report is a digital platform that seeks to address these indignities by giving a front page to vital, unreported stories. Curating international news and first hand accounts, our editorial staff fosters discussions among our members and updates our Minority Report homepage which works as a living memory of our community.