Mobile Content Authentication Platform (Round 3)

United Kingdom Project type: prototype SERELAY


We’re bringing ‘trusted digital media capture’ into the open, enabling mobile device users to capture photos and videos which can then be queried and verified for authenticity of both content (was it edited?) and metadata (where and when was it originally captured?). In parallel we are building for digital publishers and others a cloud based verification platform allowing  automated ,real-time execution of the aforementioned checks. 

The solution

An increasing amount of the content we consume in a given news cycle is user generated content. While there are many positive aspects to this, a consistent problem is that 3rd party contributions are much more difficult to verify by traditional journalistic means. Our proposed project presents a technology based alternative – rather than trusting the individual contributor, we should develop the technological means to assess the authenticity of the media.We employ a three-tier verification architecture comprised of non-invasive cryptography, rich sensor metadata analysis and computer vision.