Mural (Round 3)

Czech Republic Project type: prototype Douglas Arellanes & Pete Haughie


The Mural project seeks to make visual storytelling easier and more prominent in European online journalism. While European photographers and video journalists have consistently done outstanding work, the way their work has been presented has been a challenge. With the Mural project, we will make a tool to make high impact visual longform journalism easier, more effective and more affordable.There are several areas of coverage that will benefit from Mural’s easy full-screen presentation tools, including features, investigations and documentaries, sports, arts coverage and data journalism. Mural enables us to tell stories and reach audiences in new, exciting ways.

The solution

While longform hosting services exist and are good at what they do, they do not provide easy ways for either customising work or switching providers. They also do not go far enough in presenting visuals, especially video. We believe this ability to balance ease of use, visual impact, control for the user and hack-ability on stories makes Mural unique. Mural will be used by photographers and video journalists to break the constraints provided by traditional CMS's. The Mural backend will let them gather and arrange multimedia assets creating content that is portable and always under the creator’s control.