New(s) Influencers (Round 5)

Austria Project type: prototype


The project will set out to verify social influencers who are providing reliable news and creative content of journalistic value. The goal will be to create a tool that can distinguish between sponsored and natural content created by the influencer/blogger community and combine various content pieces into an all-in-one media hub. This verification network will enable AI based discovery and interaction with high-quality content created by a de-centralised community of content creators. 

The solution

Due to uncertainties regarding validity, people have begun to distrust mainstream news media. Now more than ever, individuals turn to social media and their favorite influencers to read and discuss the news that affects them. However, it is often difficult to tell whether influencers are being paid for content and if those contributions have been properly disclosed. The project aims to solve this problem by creating a verification system to identify the degree to which influencers are exercising journalistic integrity and provide them with a hub to share their valuable content.