News Subscription Insight Tool - AI based optimisation of subscription revenue (Round 4)

United Kingdom Project type: medium Metageni


The News Subscription Insights tool will give news organisations accessible data insights through machine learning to help them optimise and grow news subscriptions, in collaboration with digital news research specialists Kaleida.

The solution

Consumer uptake of subscription services is too low to sustain the broader ecosystem of high quality journalism. While customer journey AI is taking off in e-commerce firms, mainstream news producers are still adapting to the data-driven decision-making culture. By bringing to them the latest approaches in AI analytics, the project hopes to further the emergence of a news ecosystem better adapted to the ways in which journalistic content is consumed. Through machine learning, they aim to provide customer journey analytics to brands including giffgaff, Rentokil and Bathstore, within the news sector – benefiting users including management, marketing, web and business analysts, and user experience experts.