Next Live Experience (Round 3)

France Project type: medium Altice Media Group - SFR Media


Our main challenge as a news publisher is to compete with platforms which put live broadcast at the heart of their value proposition.

1. Our project aims to showcase the concept of augmented live. Our augmented live hub will be a great platform to check the feasibility of the different components, and the user's response. We believe that such project will inspire other publishers.

2.   Machine learning and artificial intelligence need lots of data and training to improve their accuracy.This project will “feed” the AI bots with huge data sets and constant iteration.

The solution

Next Live Experience aims to be the first augmented live hub available to the news market. Using speech recognition, semantic analysis and computer vision, it will offer viewers recommended features synchronized with live video feeds. Optimized for mobile, interactive, augmented with contextualised content and a hub of live video feeds, Next Live Experience transforms the way people experience live news.