OpenJournalism - OpJ (Round 3)

Greece Project type: prototype National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications, Software and Knowledge Engineering Lab


Journalists realize that there are interesting stories to be told in the data, and they want to use them to build these stories. But consuming data is neither easy nor straightforward: access is limited to the predefined stories that emerge by existing services, which are a fraction of the stories that can be narrated and interest the society they attribute to.

OpJ interconnects economic data from trusted sources to form a searchable and re-usable corpus for journalism and assists users to create 1-click reference to the original source and a set of keywords for story enrichment and semantic SEO.

The solution

Post-truth discussions manifest a massive change in the online news industry and the declining confidence to traditional media. OpJ tries to engineer more evidence-based stories from which readers can directly refer, verify and re-mix original data sources. The second key point is provenance and verifiability of a data source. Creating direct links to parts of the data source that have been used to form narratives fosters transparency, re-usability and trust. OpJ will enable advanced search in economic data, 1-click provenance to original data sources and data tags for story enrichment, semantic SEO and social media integration.