openTender (Round 3)

Italy Project type: prototype onData


The prototype will be a community- and data-driven platform that involves journalists and citizens together in the same place for creating and curating information. The project aims to demonstrate that such a hybrid and collaborative way to do journalism would improve quality of contents, citizenship awareness and transparency of public institutions. 

In the first phase of development, we will develop the prototype by gathering from different sources tenders data about reconstruction of Italian regions struck by the last earthquakes. 

Journalists will produce digital contents using user generated data in a process that will enable citizens to fact-check and improve them. 

The solution

A more transparent supply chain of public tenders can help journalists to work much better with the help of users and citizens. Using data of the reconstruction process incoming after the Italian earthquakes would be an excellent field to develop our prototype for various important reasons. Our first developing field for prototyping is strictly hyperlocal and this makes us able to involve a specific community of users as well as people involved in the reconstruction process. We want to build a missing bridge between readers, journalists and producers of Italian public data for tenders.