Spain Project type: prototype Quality Media Producciones


OPSHARE VIDEO is a multi-channel application development project for large media online publishers with the aim to: 1/ Provide more interest and a longer lifetime to videonews from an audience point of view. 2/ Differentiate their videonews contents from competitors. 3/ Increase user traffic to publishers' video channels. 4/ Create a new exposure tool for brands and advertising. To do this, OPSHARED Video will invite users to SHARE and add their OPINIONS in the form of video, graphics, texts or photographs to the original videonews.  

The solution

Having a large inventory of video is sometimes not enough for online media to be assured of their economic return. Their result in user clicks is subject to a very low ratio for various cases: 1. Lack of appeal in content or exposure. This is sometimes the fault of a bad headline but may also be simply "one of thousands". Simply the video is not exclusive, it has nothing that makes it "viralizable". 2. Short period of informative relevance. Often the news media are nourished with video with a short life of relevance. Our project tries to attack this double problem giving the user the leading role. OPSHARE thus captures the general trend of social media: live participation, unlimited personalization.