OptiCall (Round 5)

Belgium Project type: large Roularta Media Group (RMG)


OptiCall is a video calling app made to satisfy the needs of journalists and broadcasters. The easy to use app offers better audio/video quality and improved interaction between the journalist and the interviewee. It combines the qualitative and interactional benefits of on site interviews with the cost savings of remote interviews.

The solution

Getting a crew on site to shoot the video and performing the interview is expensive and slow newsgathering. Journalists can stay at the office and use solutions for remote interviews, but current solutions have a lot of disadvantages. With OptiCall, journalists will no longer depend of the availability of in-house or freelance camera crews. OptiCall lowers the threshold for video interviews by providing the right tools so journalists can focus on increasing the direct relationship with the interviewee enabling more timely and effective journalism.