Oyez (Round 3)

Switzerland Project type: large AZ Management Services AG


Oyez is revolutionising municipality communication in Switzerland. The administration, publication, and distribution of information and official publications is made digital, secure, and adherent to the law, but still fully intuitive.


The user-friendly data input, an API, and various alternative output formats sets Oyez apart from conventional commercial and government offers. Additional functions, like notification services for municipalities and other concerned parties, and, in particular, the ability to tailor the official publications make the platform an integral tool for municipalities of the future: contemporary, web compliant, user-centered, and effective. 

The solution

Government authorities in Switzerland are required to provide quick, comprehensive, and factual information about their actions. In order for citizens to exercise their political rights, this information has to be available for the public. On the municipal level this is done through printed publications and mostly posted as PDF files on municipality websites. Oyez’s innovation is in its web-compatible and structured publication of this data. Oyez wants to make this information more easily accessible for search engines, and simpler for citizens to find and browse. This data can, in turn, be the basis for journalistic content of significant relevance to readers of regional daily newspapers.