P24 by Público

Portugal Project type: large Público – Comunicação Social, S.A.


P24 is Público’s personalised audio catch-up for its readers. It refreshes throughout the day and produces audio clips of stories that are customised to each individual reader, as well as providing the main stories of the day. The project is Público’s answer to the problem of how to better serve an audience on the go; one who may not have time to constantly check the website throughout the day, and who may miss important news as a result. After initial research, audio was picked as the best medium to solve the issue, and Público has identified it as a key platform for the future of the publication.

The solution

P24 can follow the reader throughout their day - while at the gym, out driving or on a run. A critical aspect of the audio catch-up is not solely to deliver stories of interest, but also to make sure Público’s readers hear all the important news of the day, curated by an editor. It can be accessed multiple times and with each use the reader will get a new “playlist” of stories based on what they’ve already consumed on the website. The P24 team create between 40 - 50 audio news pieces in a 24 hour period, which are then curated to create a personalised packaged based on a reader’s interest. Readers can also download a day’s roundup in podcast form. It’s free for all registered readers, and since its launch in April 2017 Público have seen a steady growth of users.

P24 brought audio talent into the newsroom and paved the way for a new podcasting strategy.

João Pedro Pereira - Editorial Innovator, Público