Personalisation for regional news (Round 3)

Croatia Project type: large Styria Medijski servisi (Styria Media Group)


The platform we are creating will bring the best of cutting-edge machine learning technologies integrated with the content management platform specialised for publishers. It will have integrated several machine learning features - tag optimisation, cross-brand contextual recommending engine and personalization.

The platform will become an enabler for regional publishing with the goal to empower trusted and relevant Croatian and regional content producers from big media houses to smaller independent and non-profit news outlets to enthusiastic bloggers. This will bring value to the community and direct more users, usage, and loyalty to the trusted media.

The solution

Particular issue we are tackling with this platform is bringing to the Croatian but also neighbouring countries markets, technical capabilities based on the machine learning developed within the core of modern publishing content management. Such features would not otherwise be accessible and sustainable in a smaller scale ecosystem. All those capabilities are today needed for survival in modern digital publishing ecosystem.