Personalisation of subscription offers (Round 3)

Norway Project type: medium Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen AS


There have so far - worldwide -  been no options for customers to have a digital subscription that are not based on the old  logic of  the printed newspaper - one product for one geographic market. There have been a binary choice  - to sign u for a subscription or sustain from the product. We want to establish new subscription offerings, based on area of interest, age, life phase and other  variables, and by that increase the total penetration in the market for paid digital content.

The solution

The traditional approach in the newspaper business has been to give discount to the groups that are not so ”interested”. We will focus on adapting the product offering, and increasing the number of subscription packages. A challenge is to make an automated system to handle the segments and product-offerings separately to make a sound economic eco-system that maximises total revenue One also has to have a system that automatically moves a person from one segment to another, given changes in the valid variables.This will be based on a combination of off-line data and on-line data.