Personalised Aperture Paywall (Round 5)

Spain Project type: medium Ediciones Prensa Libre SL


Using a fully automatic engine driven by data, including readership flow and loyalty metrics, campaigns data and readers’ contents affinity, which then clusters with two aims: first to develop a new type of hard paywall customising access to content for each reader and second to promote content to increase number of subscriptions.

The solution

New subscribers are not found via access to the best stories because of hard paywalls and, as metered paywalls, are inefficient the approach of this project is to track users habits in real-time to customise the hard paywall for each reader. The paywall will be raised for an individual loyal reader, even non-subscribers, providing they exceed the average loyalty and is profitable via advertising. The second challenge is to maximize the number of new subscriptions while minimising the number of free available stories. Subscribers will be a control group to detect most successful content and to qualifiy them with an user centric taxonomy.