Personalised content experience (Round 6)

Italy Project type: large SESAAB spa


With 64% of adults now reading news online, news websites are able to gather a growing amount of customer data to customise the user experience and create more opportunities for monetisation. 

The main goal of the project, carried out with Accenture and Socialbeat, is to innovate content production and distribution through an AI algorithms that can leverage on a range of data and sources. The initiative represents true data driven digital transformation and showcases the ambition of “L’Eco di Bergamo” to innovate their journalism - delivering the right news, in the right format to the reader at the right time.

The solution

Despite the fact that most people read the news, only a small portion are willing to pay to access content. This has left publishers struggling to identify new revenues to replace that previously generated from traditional print publications. EdB supported by Socialbeat (tech startup focused on AI applications in the media industry) and Accenture wants to leverage raw data collected to personalise the user experience across it’s digital ecosystem to generate additional revenue and uncover new revenue streams (e.g. personalised hyperlocal couponing).