Personalization: Breathing New Life Into Our Business Model (Round 6)

France Project type: large L'EQUIPE 24/24


In an era of rapidly spreading digitalization worldwide, the abundance of information can quickly overwhelm and even turn off certain users. At L’Equipe, we above all see recommendation as a service delivered to our subscribed users. The point is obviously to increase their consumption, but especially to better serve their needs, to facilitate their access to information. Personalization can allow content to be seen by people who are really interested in it. The purpose is to increase brand engagement by leading users to consume content better suited to their needs and wants.

The solution

Since 2012, L’Équipe has opted for a diversified business model: based both on the monetization of ad space and on income generated by reader purchases. Our offer is strong and allows us to attract a significant number of users and increase our subscriber base. Nonetheless, it must be reinforced and bolstered to build audience loyalty and get to know our readers better in order to optimize revenues and subscriptions. Personalized content recommendations are a great opportunity to breathe new life into our business model and journalistic output. The goal is to increase subscribers and increase the use of the platforms.