+Perto (Round 3)

Portugal Project type: large Público – Comunicação Social


+Perto will be a mobile application focused on hyperlocal journalism. It will supply users with meaningful journalism regarding neighborhood news and information to ease their daily lives. The application will work as a hyperlocal information agent, using geolocation and automated writing technologies to present information such as traffic, weather, minor and youth league results, movie and restaurant reviews on nearby places, all alongside journalistic coverage. Journalists will be able to use the application as a direct communication channel with their audience, enabling them to understand what coverage is needed and taping into the users' knowledge to do more comprehensive journalism. 

The solution

Connecting journalists with local audiences and creating a useful information product is a challenge. We will tackle this by using artificial intelligence to free reporters to do meaningful reporting. This everyday, AI powered information companion will double as a platform for journalists' to pose questions and interact with their audiences.