PodScript (Round 3)

France Project type: prototype CosaVostra


Combining a voice-to-text transcript service and a smart podcast player, PodScript is a Wordpress plugin that wants MORE from podcasts. It makes them easier to index, more accessible and more social. For podcasters, the workflow is straightforward: the transcript is drafted using speech to text. They can then improve the text through a user-friendly interface. SEO tags and metadata are automatically suggested. The podcast player enables the users to navigate the transcripts or to search and listen to specific sections. With PodScript, podcasting becomes a social activity: sharing a text snippet or an audio clipping on social media is easy. 

The solution

PodScript allows podcasters to address 2 main challenges :(1) Discovery: The indexation of podcasts is pretty poor because audio can’t be indexed. With a full transcript available on the podcast website and a better choice of tags, each episode will benefit from an improved web indexation. (2) Shareability: The vast majority of podcast players only allow users to share the whole podcast they are listening to on social media. With PodScript, the audience can share specific snippets. We’re convinced that the virality of podcasts will increase with this feature.