PoliWatchBot (Round 3)

Denmark Project type: medium Altinget


The purpose of this project is to make the democratic political process more comprehensible to the citizen through innovative use of public data. We wish to use the dataflow from the national legislative institutions of Sweden and Denmark to present and visualize the legislative process in a format that is understandable through automated journalism. We will then provide a new layer of analytical insights on top of existing data from the legislative processes, which will be open to anyone through a public web platform. The project will be done in cooperation between Altinget.dk, Altinget.se, Analyse & Tal and J++. 

The solution

The governing institutions in Sweden and Denmark produce a massive dataflow containing all relevant information in the legislative processes. But it is presented in a mostly unedited format and is difficult to understand. We will use this dataflow to add a structure and context to the information and to make navigation and understanding easier. We will develop automated articles and incorporate the data in a larger visualized structure. To explain the entire legislative process, we will develop automated text analysis with an emphasis on entity recognition and develop a public web platform over the legislative processes.