PolyPublisher (Round 5)

Germany Project type: medium RiffReporter eG


With their expertise, innovative edge and entrepreneurial drive, independent and freelance journalists are at the heart of quality journalism. The project PolyPublisher will offer them the technical framework to distribute and market their journalistic products more efficiently and more widely, thus helping to monetise it. The RiffReporter CMS will be linked with external platforms that allow wide distribution and sale, and we will create an interface through which independent journalists can offer and sell their works to publishing houses and broadcasters in a streamlined way. Additionally it will enable publishing in a growing number of languages by making use of semi-automatic translation.

The solution

Despite their central role in quality journalism, independent journalists increasingly find it hard to finance their work and investigations. RiffReporter offers a cooperative platform and CMS that empowers journalists to pursue additional income from journalism by setting up independent publishing projects with little upfront IT investment. PolyPublisher offers journalists interfaces to a broad range of external platforms and to publishers, so they can intensify monetisation of their journalism.