POST — Unleash the Power of Post-publishing (Round 3)

Germany Project type: medium Edenspiekermann AG


Our aim is to innovate post-publishing in newsrooms and enable editorial teams to win new audiences: «POST» tracks stories once they’re published, watches behaviour through analytics tools, offering useful, actionable editorial hints to improve story reach and traction. Editors get notified on concrete opportunities to spin their own stories further in the moment they can do something about it.

The product will weave into existing workflows, operating as a Slackbot taking your story, monitoring it, and suggesting the right action at the right moment—quick, simple and personal. We will develop this together with 10 major D/A/CH news orgs contributing to culture transformation in newsrooms as well as adding to the ecosystem’s bottom line. 

The solution

Measuring success in Journalism is still a hot topic in times of changing business models. But leaving that topic to the business side ignores the editorial potential of measuring and acting upon readers interacting with journalism. We know from interviewing and working with newsrooms that journalists do not look at dashboards, but would care and contribute to the performance 
of their own story if they knew when to do what. As a result newsrooms often miss out on post-publish opportunities to build new audiences, spin stories further and spread a new mindset inside the newsroom. Through a prototype funded by the Google DNI in 2016, we confirmed the need and willingness of journalists to act upon hints to improve their personal stories.

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