Prensa Iberica Open Media (Round 3)

Spain Project type: medium Prensa Iberica Comercial


In order to provide useful and accurate access to open data, Prensa Iberica wants to track this data and processing it properly to provide a high added value and usefulness information to all citizens who are interested in how their community works and how Influences their lives.For instance: How much money does my autonomous community spend and how do they spend it? Or How many police stations are there in my city and what is their level of response in case you need their services? 

The solution

Today one of the major challenges facing is that Society has the possibility of using a large amount of open data that is available, which allow it to become more advanced, smart and fair for everyone. Prensa Iberica wants to tackle it creating a toolbox for journalists for extracting of local public data, either from the Administration or NGOs, to contribute to the local/hyperlocal public transparency with the aim of being able to generate widgets and infographics automatically and, previous payment of this, users can insert in their Websites and/or blogs of such treated information.