PressHub Market - innovative and quality journalism (Round 6)

Romania Project type: prototype Freedom House Romania


PressHub Market platform aims to create a connection between newspapers – the sellers, and businesses – the buyers, as an effective available tool. Through the platform, a potential customer would be able to select any kind of online advertisement tool he wants to buy on a news website: banner, advertorial, special project or other tools available to promote businesses online. PressHub Market provides traffic data and potential reach for the customer, depending on what advertisement tool the customer decides to choose. Through Google tools, publishers, buyers, advertisers can choose, buy, schedule and manage most of the main activities.

The solution

Romanian online newspapers need a direct connection with their potential advertising clients, for two reasons: 1. Media agencies intermediate the buy-sell process between publishers and media clients, keeping between 50-80% of each contract’s revenue and creating an imbalance on the market. 2. More and more independent newsrooms need their journalists to bring special projects and access grants and/or special funding in order to maintain the existence of the newspaper itself. This situation occurs both in big cities, but especially in small towns, where independent journalists struggle because of the local politicians who fund most newspapers in exchange for loyalty.