Prisma Orion : Unify Publisher’s data and Drive contents product (Round 6)

France Project type: medium Prisma Media / Parent Company: Gruner + Jahr, owned by Bertelsmann


In digital, Prisma gathers together different types of experts and teams: publishers, audience acquisition and digital monetisation. Each works with it’s own set of tools and KPIs. 

The Prisma Orion project aims to accommodate all requirements into a single, unique tool - allowing Prisma to better associate each webpage, topic and channel with it’s real income. It will allow publishers to choose content depending on the according expected ROI and aid monetisation strategies.

The solution

With direct access to information relating to high earning topics and stories, journalists will no longer need to chase audience trends. Instead they will be able to prioritise stories based on their forecast ROI. Orion will help us to aggregate data, allowing teams to take the best decisions.