PrismA/R (Round 4)

France Project type: medium Prisma Media / Parent Company: Gruner + Jahr, owned by Bertelsmann


PrismA/R aims to create the first series of augmented reality news experiences enabling users to deepen their understanding of news subjects they’ve just heard about.

The solution

The new series aims at tapping into people’s news routines so that, ultimately, PrismA/R can become another newsfeed for users, alongside articles, photos and videos. The augmented reality news experiences could be anything from the Greek debt crisis transformed into a mound of banknotes on the living room floor, to a map of the solar system projected onta a wall to help visualise the Cassini spacecraft’s recent voyage. The three main challenges are: editorial – making experiences intuitively understandable; Technological – the AR toolbox will need to help journalists easily create and distribute weekly experiences; Marketing – needing to reach and educate a large audience on this new way to experience content.