Project Arete (Round 3)

United Kingdom Project type: medium Dennis Publishing


Project Arete will develop a prototype digital advertising trading platform (Sell Side) designed specifically for premium Publishers. Its key USP will be that will guarantee transaction transparency for both the sell side and the buy side. This layer of verified transparency will afford legacy publishers the ability to demonstrate and execute the true value of their media and audiences. 

Project Arete technology will allow premium Publishers to:Take direct control of inventory management and drive more effective yield; Verify the value of premium Publisher News brands in the programmatic landscape; Minimise  ad stack ‘taxes’ by reducing reliance on 3rd party vendors; Reinvest budgets into maintaining editorial excellence.

The solution

The problem of transaction transparency in digital display advertising is not theoretical; for premium publishers, it is one of today’s single biggest challenges to advertising yield. Compounding the problem further is the fact that ‘new’ online-only newsmedia brands are often not held accountable for the veracity of their content to the degree that legacy news brands are. Producing verified News content comes at a price. Programmatic trading, historically, has not allowed legacy publisher brands to demonstrate the quality and value of their media. Project Arete will allow premium publishers to take back their position as brand safe, reputable media destinations.