Publisher Lead Generator-PLG (Round 3)

Austria Project type: medium Styria Content Creation (Styria Media Group)


The “Publisher Lead Generator" (PLG) will help our editorial and marketing teams to collect user data of potential buyers on our own publishing platforms. The PLG will make this task highly convenient for creators and users.

With the PLG we will be able to create lead ads just by uploading images, typing in headlines and selecting targeting criteria. Based on behavioral economic concepts, user and contextual information, the PLG will place ads within or as part of our articles and guide the user through a personalized conversion funnel.

The solution

With the PLG we will be able to create new dynamic lead-ads on our own platforms with just a few clicks. The dynamic ads will be placed within all articles related to a certain topic and shown to users that are heavily interested in this topic. Clicking on the ad, the user will be guided to a personalized conversion funnel, where again his interests will be taken into account. Based on the conversion rates the system will automatically optimize the lead funnels in terms of ad creation and targeting.