Quantifying Knowledge (Round 4)

United Kingdom Project type: medium Financial Times


Knowledge Quantification transforms the user experience for knowledge-hungry FT readers, increasing their satisfaction and engagement using an innovative feature-set that quantifies and displays the knowledge gained by readers around topics they care about.

The solution

Building knowledge is a huge motivator for readers of the Financial Times. However, the abundance of content on offer can ironically discourage readers from further engaging with a topic. By harnessing the unique knowledge quantification technology developed by their partner :CRUX, they intend to provide users with a live knowledge score and recommendations to show them how much they know based on what they read, and guide them to the most appropriate articles. The system offers a unique gamified layer, motivating and guiding discovery of more relevant articles via a score-based system. Users can see their knowledge accumulate as they are directed to the best articles and receive alerts about changes in their knowledge levels as news emerges.