QUEVEDO AI Journalist (Round 5)

Spain Project type: prototype iLeon.com - Servicios Generales de Comunicación y Gestión, S.L.


QUEVEDO is an aide-de-camp’ bot writer for newsrooms focused on wildfires, snowfalls, weather and road conditions. An Artificial Intelligence software tool based on Natural Language Generation that processes data extracted from official and institutional fonts in order to write news on the fly. This human supervised bot have a visualization module to generate graphics from the warnings pulled from those datasets and embed them in geolocated maps to show readers and citizens the correct visualizations of these events. QUEVEDO AI writes news, initially in Spanish, but in the future, in other languages.

The solution

The software helps journalists to reduce time in the publishing important warnings for news. The newsroom will be able to operate with a software tool that discharges work on tedious human re-writing for this recurrent information, offered several times at day via the official datasets from public administration sources. QUEVEDO AI bot also allows the rapid publishing of this critical news and allows the newsroom to focus on long-form journalism. This tool will alert the newsroom to get instant reaction for each edition and enables journalists to report these issues on the fly.