RADAR - Regional Alliance (Round 3)

Spain Project type: large Henneo


The RADAR project is an alliance of 9 local and regional spanish editors that publish daily 24 local newspapers. The consortium will create a technological platform to share contents and data that will allow the media to present new and personalized contents to their readers. In a globalized world, local papers are more important than ever, but the threats of globalization force the publishers to use more technology to compete in a market dominated by data and scale. This alliance will create economies of scale that will allow to optimize and create new products and to monetize them better.

The solution

Digital revolution is hitting hard to news industry, but the crisis is still bigger in the local media landscape. In Spain the leader of the market is not the national press, but local newspapers. These days internet competition is about scale and heavy investments in technology. Small publishers cannot face a reduction on their incomes and invest more in new tech. This is creating places without local press that inform about them- or "Little Pravdas" -newspapers paid by local authorities of companies-. To address this issue it is needed collaboration to create economies of scale and share investments to create new products and analyze and action all the data generated in our sites.