Real Time Sports 4 All

Italy Project type: large Elemedia (GEDI Gruppo editoriale)


Real Time Sports 4 All will be a powerful and flexible platform for the collection and management of sport data and contents in real time. The platform will include specific intuitive user interfaces for each sport, in order to provide the reporter with a dedicated data collection tool. This platform will be able to gather, process and standardize in real time data coming from multiple sources and make them available to the publisher's CMS, for direct publication or potentially for syndication strategies. Cost reductions, increase of editorial quality and new revenue stream opportunities will be the main potential benefits of this project.

The solution

This project is our answer to the needs of any sport's newsroom or publisher for an efficient and effective management of multiple data sources and for the production of high quality real time sport data and contents. This innovative platform will tackle the actual technological barriers, reduce data feed developing cost and create new revenue opportunities.