Repurposing Content - Personalised journalism (Round 4)

Denmark Project type: large A/S Information


The project will build a digital platform employing user data to repurpose original content in packages that suit the individual user’s needs and wants – using automation to secure a choice of relevant offers in terms of content, upgrades and subscription deals.

The solution

The traditional news business model, which Information shares with all major newspapers in Denmark, gives users two options: subscribe full-time to all content or do not subscribe at all. Information, a daily national newspaper, wants to make it easier for readers to access the journalism that excites them, delivered at a time and in a format that suits them, and at a price they feel is fair. Information aims to add a segmented, user-centric approach, allowing the individual user to engage with content at different cost levels, and allowing the news provider to funnel loyal non-subscribers into paid options in the form of content packages that suit their exact needs. These packages will figure as an individual product line, supplementing – not replacing – current subscription options.