RightHere (Round 3)

Germany Project type: large DuMont Net (DuMont Mediengruppe)


A news app extension (SDK) combining geofencing and notification technologies to provide an easy to use live coverage frontend for users and verified user generated content for publishers. 

As an extension to DuMont’s native apps ”RightHere” adds camera and text editor functionality to the user’s notification layer. Triggered by geofencing data this notification layer then provides the user on site with an activation note and a simple UI to engage in instantaneous news coverage with text, video or photo content."

The solution

User Generated Content is considered a savior and an enigma for publishers at the same time. On the one hand integrating the reader’s voice and vision into a news story, especially while it happens and with the reader on site, adds enormous value to a piece of information. On the other hand activation and verification of UGC remain hot topics to be solved by publishers.