ROBIN - Readers' Occitan Bot for Innovative News (Round 3)

France Project type: prototype Groupe La Dépêche du Midi


As a regional daily newspaper, we want to make available our local specialized database to our subscribers in an interactive way. We imagine our Chatbot as a daily companion which could follow the customers in their daily tasks. Indeed, the user could ask about various topics such as the election of the mayor of its city but also about the events around him, the weather forecast for the weekend or even get advices to pick a nice restaurant.  

The solution

With ROBIN, we want to create more interactivity with our subscribers. Nowadays information is everywhere and it can give the impression to be a bit lost in this flow, this is why we want to change the relationship that we have with the news. The real basis of our project is to know our users better in order to provide fothe tailor-made information for them whenever they want. By being always closer to our readers, this new format will be in ad equation with the philosophy of the regional daily press.