RTL INFO Stories (Round 5)

France Project type: medium RTL Information et diffusion ID, part of M6 Group


RTL INFO Stories is based on an AI-powered curation of RTL content to build tailored AMP Stories and drive engagement based on user consumption and context. As AMP Stories is a format designed to optimise the consumption of content on mobile, cards of the stories will be automatically built from CMS data and metadata, using a variety of templates. The service will be pushed on the RTL Info mobile home screen. Monetisation of this new offer comes through advertising and it will reach a higher number of younger users.

The solution

With their portrait format, Stories are the perfect immersive format for mobile, covering the whole screen and delivering multimedia content. Stories also give control to the reader, simply by tapping the screen and following the visual progress bar. The challenge is to deliver custom content based on user consumption and context through personalised stories, while staying cost effective. A tailor-made experience will rely on Machine Learning algorithms to assemble a Story. The cards needed to compose a story will be created by extracting relevant news from the CMS and converting them as element of a Story.