SBCNS - Styria Blockchain News System (Round 5)

Austria Project type: prototype Styria Digital Services GmbH & Styria Media Group AG


SBCNS will develop a powerful blockchain based prototype as a basis for a new digital broadcasting and high level fake news detection system. Editors will be able to easily seal and distribute their content with SBCNS in the host organization and in any other news eco-systems. This prototype will research and locate obstacles in this new way of distributing information to learn how content is shared and where it gets distorted (aka fake news). The goal is to implement the service and cooperate with existing systems worldwide.

The solution

The fake news phenomenon became a serious problem in the public perception. The main idea is to seal content with the help of a secure and not mutable blockchain, locate points of „distortion“ and obstacles, restore trust in information distribution and find out where the possibilities of news eco-systems end. The next step would be to find out, how to further improve the fight against fake news and build alliances with other big news and media companies using our SBCNS.