Sceenic "Watch Together" (Round 3)

United Kingdom Project type: prototype Orion Technologies


Watch Together is an 5-month R&D project to develop, demonstrate and evaluate technologies and workflow for creating real-time interactive news viewing experiences on laptops and mobile. The goal is to enable the experience of "watching together" news live streamings and interacting with friends in the user's own environment, in real time. The project will advance the state of peer 2 peer video technologies. The results will enable the creation of a new kind of group video viewing experience of news videos and advance the creation of real-time conversations between friends and family.  

The solution

For the end user, the challenge we are trying to solve is: - how can a group of friends discuss and watch together a news live streaming video. For the news companies, the problem we are trying to solve is: - Demonstrate that TV news companies can give users a different watching experience on the web. - Demonstrate collaborative viewing of group of friends watching together the news and discussing it real time. - Demonstrate increase in audience engagement and time spent. Our solution is called "Watch Together" SaaS and with it's set of API's and SDK news companies can implement in their existing video platform and transform it into a watch together experience of news videos.