Semantic Observatory for News Analytics and Repurposing (SONAR) (Round 4)

Austria Project type: medium ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 GmbH


SONAR is a joint initiative of ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 and webLyzard technology to support balanced news reporting and increase the impact of digital content assets. Content recommendations and embeddable visualizations will support the day-to-day workflows of broadcasters, press agencies, independent journalists and corporate publishers. To help journalists identify the most relevant topics, automated tools will extract emerging stories from the public debate – including the opinion leaders who trigger and amplify these stories. By predicting relevant topics of public interest, SONAR will increase the impact of published content items across TV, Web and social media channels.

The solution

One of the main challenges when reporting current events, for example controversial political debates prior to an election, is to assess the impact of an argument and cover the debate in a timely and balanced manner. Providing sufficient depth while remaining accessible for a broad audience often requires costly data visualizations to enrich the content. SONAR addresses this challenge by providing real-time visualization services for journalists, including specific recommendations where and how to publish digital assets containing these visualizations. This will not only guide the production of new content, but also the repurposing of existing digital assets.